New Stuff and Observations

So, there’s a big list of new movies and tv shows on Xbox Live Marketplace, and guess what? It’s a sausage-fest! Star Trek, NASCAR, Pimp my Ride? WTF? The only thing even mildly appealing to me is Disclosure. I always like to see dudes get sexually harrassed for a change–especially Michael Douglas.
  • Come on you little video dealmakers! Let’s get some love for the ladies. I’m not asking for soap operas or The Princess Diaries, or a montage of douche commercials, but how about a little Sex and the City? Law and Order? Huh?
  • Another thing. I actually don’t know that I’m allowed to say this but I have played Luxor 2 on my dev kit and it freaking RULES. I got to level 9-3, 5 million points, and 4 achievements. Too bad I’ll have to do it all over again when the game officially comes out.
  • Congrats to my friend Pearljam for scoring an Xbox job! He starts next week. Huzzah!
  • Last Friday me, dammy and snail were at Matt’s at RTC. If you ever want to see Xbox dorks in their natural happy hour habitat, hie thyself hence on a Friday. Anyway the bartender says to me: "Is that Crackdown in your bag?" Yes, in fact it was. So now I have a new bartender friend on my Friends List. Let’s see if I can work this into free drinks
  • I’m going to Disneyland! 4 days at the Happiest Place on Earth. I’m going to ride Johnny Depp twice a day. Uh, I mean I’m going to ride Pirates of the Caribbean twice a day. hehe.
  • Almost 1,600 GamerchiX! We’re also going to be special guests at Microsoft’s Women in Gaming event at GDC. I’m going to make some sort of speech. My boss asked if I am capable of speaking without dropping the F-bomb. We shall see.


  1. SHHHHHHHH!    I don’t want my email box to look like yours.  But I already have in the clipboard.
    Crackdown looks way fun and I’m pretty stoked to pick that one up however I expect to be pretty busy next Tuesday.  With no actual surprise on my side, you have no achievements on that game.  🙂  To make myself feel better due to a lack of pre release titles:  You may have Crackdown but I have Wii Play!  😛

  2. Congrats Mike!  Way to go!  One of these days I’ll shake off the PC industry and get into the gaming industry myself, I hope!

  3. "more chick flicks on XBLM" – I’ll put in the word, Trix!!  Do you want me to give them the brass knuckle treatment, or dangle them from the edge of a tall building?
    If they offer up "You’ve Got Mail" should I let them fall? or is that OK

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