300 Rules!

I saw 300 last night with my favorite buddy XShadowSandmanX. It was soooo good. Best movie I’ve seen in ages. Man was Xerxes a fa-reak or what?! I was awash in a sea of washboard abs… it was delightful.  Extra creepy/cool was the surround sound bloodsplatter sound effects. Yeesh. Then seeing as we were in a Frank Miller groove we watched Sin City on DVD, and noticed a remarkable similarity between the Hot Gates in 300 and the Sin City ambush in Old Town when Dwight trades Jacky-Boy’s head for Gail. In this case Dwight = Leonidas. 
Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet… GO! Do NOT wait for DVD! See it in all its bloody glory on the big screen!

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  1. Frank Miller can do no wrong. I had such a good time watching 300 I had to run out and grab a copy of The Dark Knight Returns. I didn’t want the good story telling to end!
    Xerxes, what a queen!

  2. I saw this movie last night also. OMG I loved it. Xerxes creeped me out, I wasn’t really sure if it was a chick or a dude, obviously it sounded like a guy, but man he wasn’t right in the head. I hope they come out with a sequel, I saw what only 300 spartans can do, now I want to see what 10,000 can do.

  3. Frank Miller is my idol since I read the Dark Knight for the first time. It is simply THE best "comic" book I have ever read in my life.300 is not out here yet (they will start showing it next week) and I can’t wait to see it.Did you know that the Persian king is a Brazilian actor? 😉 I am soooooo proud of my country.Thanks for your feedback on the film. My expectations are very high, but I wanted to know someone’s else opinion as well.*love*

  4. I’ll pass, thanks.  I have a hard time being entertained by historical events being twisted around so horribly.  Besides that, I never really liked Sin City (movie, haven’t read the graphic novels).

  5. Dave, history was not twisted.Was it glorified, and made into a visual orgasm? Yes.But honestly, in pure tradition of Greek and Roman storytelling, THIS is how they would have told the tale…Don’t look at it as a historical tale – although I don’t think they screwed with anything, as far as I remember my history lessons about the Persuan wars….or how Sparta responded to them….Just enjoy it for what it is…

  6. Great movie.. I just couldn’t handle Xerxes voice, it seemed wrong for the part. I also just finished watching the history channels take on 300 and although it was campy, it tied up some "what was really going on" questions.

  7. The movie was just plain fun to watch. It didn’t drag on, it had tons of exciting moments, it had a story.. and it had an elephant.  You can’t get any better than that.  Sometimes (most of the time) I like to keep my learning seperate from my entertainment and just enjoy a movie for what it is, just plain fun!

  8. Great movie.. Saw it myself a few days ago, and i totally agree… I need to see Sin City again though, as i can only remember the girl from "Gilmor family", and that blonde one 😛

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