Tips for Orb Whores and other news

  • Having trouble finding those last few agility and hidden orbs in Crackdown? Let the Xbox community help. Check out the GamerSpeak guide to Orb Hunting (boss won’t let me publish ‘whore’ on the website) LINK
  • Don’t know if you follow the World Cyber Games news, but they’ve recently announced the Xbox 360 titles for the Games this year. They are: Project Gotham Racing 3, Dead or Alive 4, Gears of War and Tony Hawk Project 8. Check it out…and don’t forget the Grand Finals are in Seattle this year! LINK
  • Want to make your Zune, Windows Media Player and Xbox 360 play nice together? Elle will show you how it’s done. LINK
  • and finally.. WHO’S READY FOR THE MOST ACTION-PACKED XBOX LIVE WEEKEND EVAR?!!!!!  We got Frag Doll Friday, we got the GRAW 2 72-hour madness, and we’ve got the St. Patrick’s Day Xbox All-Nighter featuring Crackdown and kickass Crackdown swag!  Looks like none of us will be getting any sleep this weekend!!


  1. 1.  Those orbs are the DEVIL.
    2.  That Seattle trip will be an exciting journey.  The 9 miles to downtown will just show me more than I’ve ever seen before.
    3.  I found out that if I put my PC, a Zune and an Xbox together in the same room bad things happen.  Turns out the Xbox takes pretty much any input it can get and may have caught a virus from the Zune because it ‘squirted’ a song over.  Protection, people, PROTECTION!
    4.  I frankly, am not ready.  Those Frag Dolls hate me.  I suck at GRAW and my wife won’t let me stay up after 10.  Also, I have more work to do than a coke dealer at Whitney Houston’s house.
    (all in good fun 🙂  )

  2. I’m still waiting for the news on WCG in Europe. Jeez!!!!! More and more I have this feeling that I live in a gaming black hole…Show me light, hun!!!!

  3. I haven’t got a chance to play this game yet!! How is it? I am stuck on Bullet Witch, LOL…

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