E bunnies? WhatEVER

Turned on my 360, and what do I see right there in the Dashboard? An ad for e-bunnies gamer pictures. Skanky chicks in bunny suits. Okay, I get the appeal if you’re a teenaged boy…or a man in the midst of a midlife crisis. But as someone who is striving against harrassment and exploitation of female gamers, and attempting to make this a safe and friendly place for families to game together (See Family Game Night every Tuesday), this pisses me off.
I’m not a religious person by any means, but I from my dim Sunday School memories, Easter wasn’t about celebrating giant boobs.
I better not see anyone on my Friends List with this crap…or they’re OFF.
Here’s a sample of what the sensitve souls at Team DZN has to offer (These are battle maiden theme, not e bunnies)


  1. I just don’t get the whole anime thing in general.  Now where is damn UPS and my Guitar Hero 2, I worked from home today and it’s not here yet????  Argghh!

  2.  From an appeal standpoint, a lot of the appeal for skanky anime chicks came from Japanese men who are deprived of relationships do to long work hours, and other circumstances that interfere with Japanese men to have long term relationships.
    I do agree though that adds such as these do not promote a family environment…however, that would also mean live would have to take down any ads with blood and violence as well.
    As I do not use such features, does the parental feature control what types of ads display on the 360?

  3. Hmm by how much I have healed from the beating that I got from my fiancee, I think they have been out for about 2 weeks, Trixie.  I believe the e-bunnies is more like a settle relation to ‘Playboy bunnies’ and stand for ‘electric bunnies’ since they are gamer pics and a theme. I don’t think it was their intent to have any relation to ‘Easter’. 

  4. I’m a little more concerned about the suggestiveness of that e-spear.  Anyone ever read Lord of the Flies?

  5. Everyday is about celebrating boobs for most guys Trix, hate to tell you that (that’s a joke btw).  However yeah it’s a little weird, and something like that I just don’t get the appeal.

  6. OMG! HI KITTY! You won’t remember me! But Hi anyway! I met you last year at e3  durring C3

  7. I stand corrected, Trixie.  Your pic is from the release about two weeks ago that had no ‘e-bunny’ mention.  However, I just saw the ‘e-bunnies’ advertisement on the 360 dashboard.  wow.  Brings a whole new meaning to "Easter egg hunt".

  8. Is this post shtick?  I really hope so.  Im not sure how a 90×90 pixel image can get someone worked up.  As for the pic you displayed in your post.  My fiance saw the ad for that and wanted me to buy it.  (She’s 32, just for reference)  *shrug* 

  9. I have to admit I got the theme but what guy would want these as gamer pics anyway. it would look silly if some guy popped in a game and his gamer pic was some big boobed bunny chick. I see this really better for the ladies to use not the guys. But I do feel what ur saying about , family and all that on the 360, plus boobs and easter dont mix.

  10. Torment, rethink what you are saying. 🙂 Then ask yourself why guys always like to play the girl in games.  The main reason would be the ‘nice view’ you get.

  11. I agree Trix.  Hopefully my daughter isn’t getting barraged by e-bunnies when she plays Hexic.  Are they targeting specific demos with these things?  Is there some kind of algorithm that says "hey, I think TriXie would like e-bunnies?" 

  12. I just found out today that if you’re under 13 (and that’s reflected in your Xbox Live account), you won’t see ANY ads in the Xbox 360 dashboard. So that’s good news.
    Yeah I don’t know why the bunnies offend me so. The WWII pinups… I actually liked. So psychoanalyze THAT

  13. They don’t bother me at all (the whole being desensitized thing I would think), but I could see how it could be unappealing for a family type arena; it is nice to know that ads are blocked for those who SAY they are under a certain age.

  14. XBox 360 is not a family machine…I dont care what people say. Saints Row, GTA, jiggiling DOA girls and Gears Characters sawing people in half have built this next gen industry. How come Midway puts 3 packs with girls in panties and DZN is a villian. Lets stop being hypocrits.
    If you dont like it, just set your 360 to family mode.

  15. As a fellow gamer chick, I totally agree.  I’m writing a complaint to Microsoft in addition to this post.  It isn’t just the gargantuan boobs, bigger than their heads (which is a not so subliminal message that boobs on a girl are far more important than her brains), that I am sick of.  I am also tired of the animalisation of women which essential dehumanizes us.I know that these are just gamer pics and not an actual game… but I must say, I liked Lara Croft Tomb Raider as much as the next girl or guy.  I am not really against big boobs in games per say, but there is a point where it goes from big "ok" to big "ridiculous, obscene, and degrading".  This goes way past that point.P.S.  Reply to  PMS Kitty You can’t "ignore" or block the XBOX Live ads as far I know.

  16. Why is sex so taboo in America?  I mean, I understand if you don’t like it, but to be upset that it exists?  I’m not a fan of Playgirl magazine, but I don’t care that it’s out there, because some people actually do want to see it, and it doesn’t hurt anybody.  I think people should get over the fact that the human body can be a beautiful thing.  Just because someone enjoys looking at scantily clad women doesn’t mean that they think women are nothing more than sex objects.

  17. There was also a time when Easter wasn’t about chocolate bunnys or eggs.  It was about some guy from 2000 years ago that came back to life…….anyone remember his name?

  18. I really don’t think its a big deal. Like, yea its not the greatest thing for young kids to be experienced that yet but its not like its totally avoidable. Turn to NBC and theres CSI: Miami or a kid accidentally turns to the Playboy channel (if you have IO or something). MY suggestion is that if you have a younger kids playing video games, get them a gamecube or a Wii and stay away from Xbox or Playstation

  19. is everyone getting worked up about an animated picture?
    im confused.
    anywaysss i disagreee with ‘Displace’ because playboy is the magazine with women, not playgirl. im not into playgirl materials..
    and how do i put a picture of myself as my gamer picture on my xbox 360 live account??
    off-topic but i could really use the help 😛

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