A New Addiction

Okay in two days I have become a total Guitar Hero freak. I never played it on PlayStation, so when I strapped on my X-Plorer guitar controller… I was a GH virgin.  Annnnd like many virgins I had NO idea what I was doing. I got the pushing the fret button part, but it wasn’t until I got booed off the stage on Easy (and earned the Long Road Ahead achievement) that I realized I had to strum too.
"Surrender" is surprisingly hard. I kick ass at "Possum Kingdom" and "Strutter". Whenever I hear a cool guitar riff (and the Snail loves to rock) I think about what buttons that would be. I’m totally methodical about busting out a new song. I go to Training and select Slow. Then I play it until I can get over 90% accuracy. Then I do Full Speed until I get in the 90’s. Then I take my show on the road. My band is called Trix, and my lead guitarist is Pandora. She’s cool.
You know how I love Zuma, but I never rushed home from work to play it the way I do with Guitar Hero.


  1. LOL!  I saw you playing it yesterday when I was at work.  Today a have a major head cold and stayed home, but I can’t login to play yet becuase my boss knows my gamertag!  My band is Deathhand, and I’m Izzy Sparx, lol.  MOST. ADDICTIVE. GAME. EVAH!

  2. I am having the same problem, I can’t stop, every time I go into my room and see the X-plorer laying there its like looking into the eyes of a puppy.  I sucked at first but I am getting better as I go through the campaign.  I think thats why its so addictive is that when I first saw people playing it I thought to myself that there is no way in hell I was going to be able to do that, and now I am getting better and better and I can’t get enough.

  3. Oh yea, and is it just me, or does it always seem you get an itch on the tip of your nose right in the middle of the solos?

  4. The best thing about this game is that you can start off sucking and end up pretty damn good with practice.  It’s hilarious that you didn’t know to strum, that’s kind of embarassing isn’t it?  Who am I to talk?  I kinda dance around when I play GH2, definitely a blinds closed/door locked game for me.

  5. Actually now that I know that Trixie is a GH2 fan, I’ma have to start bringing my ax to work… after all, there’s a 70-80" TV in the Millennium Cafe… what’s also interesting to me is that the controller works on the PC (at least with Vista) – should be interesting to see if that goes anywhere.

  6. I really do need to pic this up. I’m a noob with any GH game as well but after experiencing it just once I’m now fiending for more.

  7. @ Randy–
    It already has kind of.  Take a look at ‘Frets of Fire’–an Open Source game that ‘mimics’ GH.

  8. @Randy-
    SOB! I need to head over there then.  They have nothing in our cafe and our building has foosball and ping pong tables, which I suck at.  I’m at the point of bringing my 360 to work for those long nights of dev/testing.

  9. I got mine yesterday and I must admit that I can’t get enough of it. Guitar Hero II rocks!!!!!!

  10. I am loving this game too 🙂  My bands name is "The Kats" and they rock!  Man… I wish I was as obsessive as you are at practicing first…. but I tend to just play it and see what happens!

  11. My GH2 and real band is DogFish (www.dogfishrock.com). Borrowed a spare guitar from my wifes work and spent the whole weekend playing co-op. Struggling with the 800k and 1000 note streak achievements though. Grrr.

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