words about words

Okay I have about a dozen articles to write. So I’ve wisely spent my time adding 10 Random Facts to MySpace –thanks for tagging me, BuffDaddy. And I’ve also done some soul searching on Google. I’ve discovered I have many true selves. For example:

My Pirate name = Agnostic Jezebel Slaughter.
My Pimp name = Master Fly Trixie Silk.
My Porn name = Asslee Bendover.

Do I have MPD? As Sybill would say… "The people..the people…the people!!!"

2 thoughts on “Pimpafied Procrastination

  1. Nicholas says:

    LoL@Asslee Bendover, that just made my whole day suck less, thanks

  2. Debbie says:

    Trixie: I didn’t know you were a program. Amazing, woman, amazing!!!

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