WCG US Open Day One – New York City

I just got back to my hotel after a long day at the Samsung Experience Center. It was a really good turnout! Saw a bunch of old friends like ch0mpr, Max1mus, BBoyle, o m a s t e r o, Athena Twin PMS; plus met cool new people Vanessa PMS and Kasumichan PMS.
Day One Results:
Dead or Alive 4
#1 o m a s t e r o
#2 Vanessa PMS
Project Gotham Racing 3
#1 ch0mpr
#2 Max1mus
These gamers are all going to be in Cancun later this month for the Pan-American games. I’m hoping to go to that, but we’ll see what the boss says
Coming up tomorrow:
Gears of War!!!

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