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This stuff is so fun. I love watching the competition and meeting the gamers and sponsors. The people involved in gaming are really so great. E sports is still so young that you don’t have the massive egos that go with giant salaries, groupies, and endorsement deals. People are passionate about games, and 99% of the time are good sports.
Cool peeps I met today:
Conartistic, who is one of my premiere Xbox Ambassadors, came down just to meet me–how cool is that?
MoB GODFATH3R, who is a character, a crackup and my new BFF.
Dudes from Turtle Beach. They make kickass headsets, and I made them my bitches.
Joe from TPN, who makes cool stuff happen and likes my ideas.
Shoutcasters from GGL and who were good sports about me shoving them a little.
Other people who are very cool and nice but I can’t remember their names or I lost their cards
Highlights of the weekend:
Between rounds of Gears, shopping at A/X, Aveda, and the CNN store (wonder woman tshirt!)
Dinner last night at Morimoto. I ate raw tuna pizza–and liked it!
Vanilla latte from Dean and Deluca kept me from slipping into a coma
Amy Winehouse on the cover of Rolling Stone!
Lowlights of the weekend:
Crap hotel
Couldn’t sleep AT ALL last night
Bought a sandwich and forgot about it for about five hours…then ate it anyway
Purchasing expensive Aveda hairproducts because the sign said "Is your hair unruly?"
Freaking Met is closed tomorrow when I have a sliver of free time
So, I’m gonna be up for quite some time tonight putting together the coverage for (french fries, mayo and 4 tiny diet cokes are on their way up via room service). Tomorrow in my sliver of freeness should I go to MOMA, or check out the Mythic Creatures exhibit at Museum of Natural History?

4 thoughts on “I love WCG!

  1. Christina says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip! I would totally go to MOMA if I were you. I’m looking at some of the exhibitions online right now and it looks awesome. Plus Michel Majuras has a painting entitled eggsplosion with the words "gotta catch ’em all" on it. A pokemon reference in an art museum? My how far we’ve come 😉

  2. B says:

    If u ever come to a gaming event in Alberta, Canada, you let me know. In canada we get no events like that, and im dying to get into one!

  3. Conrad says:

    this conartistic guy sounds cool… I’d love to meet him my darn self! hehehehee…. sorry bout the rain 🙂

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