GamerchiX Rocking the World

I’ve recovered from my New York travels. You know how it is, wait until the last night to go all crazy…
Anyway, WCG was awesome, Pac-Man was incredible, but for me this was a stellar week for Xbox GamerchiX!
We celebrated our one year anniversary on June 5, and coincidentally that was the same day as the Pac-Man World Championship. I invited a bunch of NY/NJ chiX to our Pac-Man party and they are SUCH cool girls. DirtyDiva had met a few of them before at a chiX meetup in May, and me and MechAngel go way back (at least to GDC) but it was my first time meeting HutSutRaw, FantasyBarb, LadyBluEyes, TGC Quyit, TGC Luvless, IchigoSage, and Real n Suid. We had a great time. We kept the party going over at the Marriott where we were joined by DangerKitty2020 who told me all about law school, and brand new chiX member xteethx who found us through Twitter! There was a lot of game talk, laughing, advice-giving (HutSut has the most beautiful curly hair) and absolutely ZERO hair-pulling, scratching and bitching. Sorry guys.
I got back to the Xbox mothership to discover that my inbox was full of emails from new girls wanting to joing XGX. I added nearly 100 new girls to the group and I’m very happy to say that we now have over 2,500 members of GamerchiX!
I know when we started some dudes were afraid we’d take the few girls they thought played games and segregate them from the rest of the community, but I haven’t seen that at all. The girls make friends, try new games and gain the confidence to deal with the jerks. And if something gets too intense they know they’ve got a couple thousand sisters to back them up.
I would like to say a humongous thank you to my co-founders DirtyDiva and PMS Kitty. We three are eerily alike in weird ways… we must have been triplets in another life. Cheers to you girls!
Mostly though I want to send a huge ‘thank-you,’ a ‘happy birthday’ and a very loud ‘yee-haw’ to each and every member of GamerchiX. If it weren’t for you ladies/women/girls/grrls/chicks taking a chance on joining our group, GamerchiX would be nothing but an idea and a cute logo.


  1. Congrats on your b-day and to all of you for surviving and most of all thriving through this past year.  I and a whole bunch of folks are totally juiced that you’re having such great success.  I’ve gamed with quite a few Gamerchix and it’s been a cool pleasure to be involved in gaming with them.  Again, stop and smell the roses along your journey and many, many more years of great gaming for ya’ll.
    Jonathan "Rainmaker2112" Cragle

  2. Yeah!  Congrats to us!  And thanks to the all mighty trio of Trixie, DirtyD and Kitty for brining us chiX together 🙂

  3. Woohoo! I love that we hit 2500 chix this close to our birthday! The New York meeting sounds like it was a blast, I’d love to meet some of those girls!

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