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This is the best game ever. I give you three celebrities, you decide how you categorize each one. You must pick one to boink, one to kill, and one to marry. I’ll start you off easy: Paris, Britney, Lindsay. EVERYONE says they’d kill Paris.
Then it gets tougher with different "editions". For example, the What If They Weren’t Gay Edition: Ellen Degeneres, Melissa Etheridge, Rosie O’Donnell.  Girls, your WITWG Edition is as follows: Boy George, George Michael, Elton John.
When I sprung the Obese Edition on e, he wanted to know "Is there a suicide option?" No, e, there is not.
My fave, brought to me by the evil pearljam is the Celeb Porn Edition: Screech, Colin Farrell, Tommy Lee.
For you boyz, your Celeb Porn choices are: Pamela Lee, Paris Hilton, Tonya Harding. Go!

9 thoughts on “Boink, Kill, Marry

  1. Rainmaker2112 says:

    Boink: Tonya Harding (I’d be the one with the club)
    Kill:  Paris Hilton (sorry, can’t have sloppy 8000th)
    Marry:  Pam Anderson (then I could boink her all the time and I’d hold onto her if we every fell in the water)

  2. Bill says:

    Boink: Pamela
    Kill: Rosie O’Donnel (I dislike her! :P)
    Marry: Lindsay (And demand her to clean up & eat a little :D)

  3. Bill says:

    My bad, I chose from different categories!
    Boink: Paris
    Kill: Britney
    Marry: Lindsay

  4. Leave me says:

    Good GOD TriXie why not make it easy!??!Ok: Boink:  Brittany, Ellen D, Tonya H.Marry: Lindsay, Melissa, Pamela A.Kill:  Paris, Rosie, Paris.I can divorce though can’t I?

  5. Mike says:

    Nope–in the world of this game, there is no divorce.  ‘Til Death…’.  Also, no you can not kill the person you marry after a year.  And, yes they will outlive you.

  6. John says:

    Keep in mind I made these choices if timetravel was not an issue.Boink–Tonya Harding the skater, not Tonya Harding the crazy one we know today because she is athletic and probably has a lot of stamina.Kill–Paris Hilton.  I hate violence but someone has to go.Marry–Pamela Anderson.  She’s Pamela Anderson, why not?!

  7. jex says:

    Can i marry all that hot girls?…they really need my 22inches of heaven! Even pam! Tommy you dont scare me!

  8. jex says:

    Why? Because paris is a goood cock sucker! Brit hav a big fat ass to spank! And lindsay!!! Red heads!! Yeah! And pam…is pam i luv sluts!

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