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7 thoughts on “My interview with Master Chief

  1. James says:

    Can I touch your gun?  Classic, TriX! 

  2. Bill says:

     Lol! That was really funny! "Very nice, I like that." That was great trixie… At the end, I thought he was going to smack the camera with his gun =O

  3. Lexx says:

    I really enjoyed the clip mate, keep up the good work ;)BTW – whats with the chewing gum?

  4. Richard says:

    CharmedPowerHahaha nice work TriXie!

  5. James W says:

    Now THAT’S funny! Very cool!
    BTW – Just updated the visor for the 25th

  6. Suffur says:

    Yo Trixie sorry i have not sent a mail, but to busy having fun, hope PAX was cool,(how out of date is this comm. going to be) anyhew, i have been keeping up me blog on so if you need a laugh at how bad i can spell, and what other dogey things i was up too, give it read. I saw the Heros gig in Singapore too, it was fun but the security for the cast was a bit weak, and the crowd seemed to have let go of all inhobitions(i think that is spelt very wrong,but so was the crowd control) I do have video(which i’ll post when i get back, but from a camera phone, all i had at the time), and i was close enough to the stars that i could have played bongos on thier heads, i didn’t, but thoughts are just a way to express the would haves lol.(that bad i could not even get one autograph for my friend back home lol) Glad you enjoyed your trip to Singapore, i know i am. Might even come back and get a job, as a Camera man/ or some other media job. PS my space is very out of date, so please ignor it. I stared as a quick mark for college and something to do for fun, i might have to take it more seriously when i get back. Suffur. (yes i dropped the el, added an f, boy did that up set my friends and my 360 can blog, lost my *00 days on Burnout Revenge, was done more than a year ago)CYA

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