So long, Singapore!

Here are my highlights of Singapore:
  • Meeting Master Chief and telling him I love him. "No seriously Master Chief, I actually love you."
  • Metropolitans at the Equinox on top of the city.
  • Discovering that they do NOT cane women!
  • Not getting busted for chewing gum.
  • Pedicures with BFF Lindsey.
  • Getting Hooperkid drunk enough to want to sing karaoke.
  • Watching the teenage girlies squeal for Sinapore pop idol JJ Lin.
  • Master Chief whispering to me how he finishes the fight in H3 (look for the video tomorrow on 
  • Falling asleep to Queens of the Stone Age each night. Dirty American rock feels so decadent here.
  • Meeting EL SUFUR who came to Singapore to see his dad and stopped by the WCG to say hi.


  • Lizards! And the boys who think it’s funny to scare me with them.
  • Nearly inciting a riot in Little India Sunday night.
  • Housekeeping giving up on cleaning my room by day three.
  • Being late EVERY DAY until I discovered my watch was five minutes behind everyone else’s.
  • Master Chief getting mad when I tried to grab his ass. Like REALLY mad.
  • The HEAT. I know I’m going to hell, and this was an unpleasant preview.
  • Video Monkey telling me I’m always mean to him.
  • Having to leave for the airport four hours from now…


  1. Bon Voyage! Hope you had a great time!
    I experienced the same time zone adjustment mixup when I was in LA for E3 2006…lol

  2. looks like it was a great trip, in spite of the heat and other annoyances. thanks for the photos and updates they were good reading.

  3. I was in Singapore at Christmas loved it, your photos caught my eye………dreaming of Singapore….ahhh. Back at Christmas i remember seeing a huge and i mean huge Viva Pinata banner, but not a lot else xbox related stuff. Did you see the iGallop? ……a amusing ride on horse simulator that exersizes your stomach….not sure if it plays mp3’s though 🙂 

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