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That’s right. The time has come. With the arrival of Halo 3 there will be loads of people getting on Xbox LIVE for the very first time. So it’s time to reinforce our ranks of excellent, friendly and helpful Xbox Ambassadors.
If you know your way around Xbox LIVE, have a Gold membership (you need to be able to play online with the new kids) are friendly and helpful, and most importantly have free space on your Friends List…I invite you to apply for Ambassadorship. Here’s what I need from you:
Email me at subject: Xbox Ambassador
Provide these things:
  • your gamertag
  • your gamer zone
  • your location (state if in the US, country if outside the US)
  • any language you speak FLUENTLY other than English
  • reasons why you represent the best of the Xbox Community
Only those selected as new Ambassadors will receive a response. Good luck!

30 thoughts on “Wanted: Xbox Ambassadors

  1. William says:

    Cool!  I’d love to help out the Xbox Community!  *sends in email* 

  2. Nicholas says:

     This is excellent news – something I have been waiting to hear for some time.
    I too have just send my e-mail.
     Thank you TriXie. 

  3. Pvt Jokar says:

    I’m so glad the program has re-opened. Good luck to everyone. 

  4. Marchiano says:

    Hi Trixie,
    thanks for your friend add and comment :o) My girl’s interested in the Gamerchix but the link didn’t work. Can you send it/mail it to me again? You already know that I’m going to send an e-mail right? A great opportunity – thanks for the post Trixie!

  5. Alex says:

    I just sent in my application. Thanks TriXie

  6. Bill says:

    Excellent that the chance to become an Xbox Ambassador has arrived once again! Good luck to all who enter! Great thinking Trixie! 

  7. Aegis says:

    Time to apply. Hope I am selected. Good luck to everyone else.:D

  8. B says:

    Thanks for the opportunity trixie!

  9. T says:

    heres hoping, good luck folks! 

  10. matt says:

    here’s hoping, good luck all 🙂

  11. Dark side says:

    Here’s to good luck and i hope it works out after all were here to help others.  

  12. Dark side says:

     and i hope i become a ambassador.

  13. Bryn says:

    Still doing this? I’d love to.

  14. ekny1 says:

    ive been a new guy. it is very intimidating. it made want to scream when i kept on losing.

  15. Unknown says:

    how do u become an xbox ambassodor tell me the steps

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