Rockin’ Wii Boogie

Boogie is soooo fun. First, I kicked butt on "Oops I Did it Again" high atop Sokitoomi Tower. And then, kids…. after saving up 750 tokens I earned shakin’ my ass on "ABC", "That’s the Way I Like It" etc to buy a new song… THEN I did "Fergalicious" in the Lost Temple of Funk. And I made that wii my bitch! A million frickin’ points! Oh YEAH! 
This weekend I had a bbq with some of the local GamerchiX. Really really looking forward to seeing lots of the girls at PAX–we are over 3,000 chiX strong now!
If you’re going to PAX on Friday come watch the Women in Gaming panel at 7pm… I’ll be moderating. Not sure exactly what that means, but I’m fairly certain I’m up to the task of breaking up any catfights that should arise. Actually, I’m certain I’ll WIN any catfights that come up.

8 thoughts on “Rockin’ Wii Boogie

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  1. I’m sorry that I missed the BBQ. It sounds like it was tons of fun.
    So Boogie is worth trying? I’ve heard so many "eh" opinions on it. Now I might have to give it a try. 

  2. I would want to mess w/ you Trixie.. LOL… I glad everyone had fun at the bbq, Sorry i am going to miss PAX, I would love to meet more of the gamerchix! Have fun! 

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