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Because nizmojoe keeps bugging me, here are the Top 25 Gamertags for August. First of all, HOLY CRAP someone finally beat Major Nelson for the number one spot! Might have a leeeetle something to do with the COD 4 beta…
  1. fourzerotwo
  2. Major Nelson
  3. frankie
  4. souljaboytellem
  5. e
  6. nizmojoe
  7. Knuckles Dawson
  8. trixie360
  9. SniperStealth
  10. SolidMussel
  11. MRCUR
  12. casinoguy
  13. PMS Kitty
  14. Z77Z
  15. HyeWarrior
  16. Evil Otto
  17. yhslaw
  18. Hail2LJames 23
  19. Macaron11
  20. phillylakers
  21. doadea
  22. Gamespotting
  23. Infrared2yaHead
  24. Angel of Evil
  25. mwils1


15 thoughts on “Top Gamertags for August

  1. David says:

    Sorry, Trixie. Didn’t mean to beat you :(Bet I’ll be off the map completely for September. "Knuckles who?"

  2. Richard says:

    CharmedPowerThere must be some sort of mistake with the figures because I don’t see my gamertag up on the list ;)Wow! fourzerotwo has beaten Major, I bet Major would be surprise about that change :)Holy smokes! e is in the top 5, good job!!!

  3. Scott says:

    How does one affect that score?
    So we can get Trixie in the number 1 slot…  🙂 

  4. MthdDirector says:

    Yeah Cash on Delivery 4 is freakin’ spectacular!

  5. John says:

    maybe someday ill be on this list…

  6. Unknown says:

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