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  • More discussion about the GamerchiX article on Kotaku and A lot of people disagree with a girls-only group. I disagree that getting trashtalked and hit on is the ‘cost of entry’ for playing games online. If something’s broken you try to fix it – in whatever small way you’re able.
  • Getting ready to go on the road again: First Orlando for the World Cyber Games US Final, home for less than 24 hours, then back on a plane headed for Tokyo and Tokyo Game Show.
  • Weather in Orlando next week: 91 degrees and thunderstorms. Please no hurricanes! My hair is frizzing up at the thought.
  • Pontiac’s First to Play thing. If you’re in San Francisco, your chance is coming on Tuesday.
  • GamerchiX is over 3,100 girls strong now! 4 of them are going to come help me out at the Xbox booth in Orlando next week! These ladies are the BEST!
  • How did it get to be September already? I miss summer.
  • Have you checked out the Back to Old School page? We just added some new stuff yesterday including Major Nelson’s Old School playlist, and GamerSpeaks about your favorite Old School movies and TV shows. Plus that Major Nelson mullet cracks me up everytime I see it!
  • Coming next week on Community Spotlight on!
  • Coming in October: Super cool Halloween treats for the family. Manric and I are working on a most excellent sweepstakes too!
  • Coming in November: Did you know Xbox LIVE will be five years old on November 15? Did you think we’d let a milestone like that pass by without celebrating?

14 thoughts on “Randomocity: XGX, WCG,

  1. Matt (DXL540) says:

    October sweepstakes = Zune Cozy?  (Elle promised!) 

  2. Wendy says:

    Don’t worry about the hurricanes Trixie, we’re fairly safe right now in Orlando.FasterKitty – Twitter/GamerChix

  3. Wendy says:

    Don’t worry about the hurricanes Trixie, we’re fairly safe right now in Orlando.FasterKitty – Twitter/GamerChix

  4. Wendy says:

    Don’t worry about the hurricanes Trixie, we’re fairly safe right now in Orlando.FasterKitty – Twitter/GamerChix

  5. Chris says:

     I completely agree that being persecuted, insulted, and stalked just because you’re a girl is completely uncalled for.  However, since the GamerChix has taken off into the phenonemon that it is, I haven’t played a female gamer online for over a year.  It seems the true gamer girls have walled themselves off from the general population, and I get stuck playing with the whiny kids who love to curse, insult, and fling racism around.
    It’s too bad, because it just means I’m walling myself off as well… less ranked games… more games with friends… looking for coop online games because I can just stick to playing with friends.
    It’s too bad for the community, although not completely unexpected.  The Xbox Live Beta was good times.  Everyone was excited to be on board, and most of my friends list was formed during that beta.  That meant I was actively meeting new people and unbothered by hosting games and meeting more.
    Now?  The general population is so sickly, I just wall myself off like the Gamerchix do.  The reputation system hasn’t worked.  Everyone has five stars and certainly no one is being banned because the hate continues.  

  6. Christa says:

    SpaceShot, you should check out GamerAngels. They are a co-ed community of a couple hundred nice folks who don’t talk trash. You can fill up your friends list with reasonable human beings. 🙂 

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