The Big Move

After 5 years, I finally get an office with a freaking window. KP will no longer have to room with me either. (Don’t worry, we’re getting cool walkie-talkies at Toys R Us to keep in contact).
So anyway, I gotta move five years worth of crap into some plastic crates so the movers can wheel ’em two buildings away. But the new office is teh roxors! I’m gonna put a mini-fridge and a Barbie Townhouse in there.
Check the pics below for old office, new office and the half-packed situation. I gotta be all done packing by end of day today. Crying


  1. Wow, the new office is uber cool, TriX.  Alas, I am stuck in the Dell cube farm.  Most of us don’t unpack our stuff because they like to play musical chairs with your cube.  You might be there 3 years, you might be there 3 weeks!

  2. Congrats Trix!  see all that hard work pays off!  Coincidentally I’m getting my first office in about a week or two 🙂  I don’t think I’ll have room for a barbie townhouse though…

  3. Where will KP find another office mate that burps like a man, makes inappropriate jokes, and sends over poorly done photoshops of him as a venereal disease?  Poor KP!

  4. NICE digs, TriXie…
    Are you, by chance, hiring for the position of "Toadying yes-man lackey"?
    Because I have an impressive resumé…  🙂
    Just get those push-to-talk cell phones, a "family" plan with "free in-plan push-to-talk", and you’ll be set, since I dunno if Toy-R-Us sells walkie-talkies that will transmitt two buildings away…

  5. Nice office.. looks like you’re getting a converted conference room. 🙂 I’m still in my 8×6 gray walled cube.

  6. My kingdom for a window.  I’m so jealous, but hell I just wish my office had a door, that would be a good start.   Plus you always complain about your desk being a mess, but it’s a mess with cool stuff.  Mine is a mess with crap, so you’re good on that.  Enjoy it Trixie, but I do think KP should have to make you guys a cake to celebrate.

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