Xbox LIVE fun this weekend!

We’ve got a jam-packed weekend planned for you on Xbox LIVE. It’s getting icky outside, so make some hot chocolate and hunker down on the sofa to let the glow of your hi-def screen warm the cockles of your heart. Here’s what’s happening:
Game with Valve (or Game with Geeks, as I call it). Play Orange Box with the dev team that created it. SO much more fun than playing against bratty celebs, right?
Xbox All-Nighter featuring Project Gotham Racing 4! It’s time to race from sundown on Saturday to sunup on Sunday. It’s easier now with the days dwindling. I might have some cool PGR4 stuff *cough*copiesofthegame*cough* in my office that I might be convinced to part with if you send a recap of your All-Nighter to me at
Me? I’m gonna spend some quality time with Beautiful Katamari and the CSI game (desperately need the gamerscore boost, plus I’m on Zuma restriction…I beat it three times in a row last night and the kids are threatening to delete it from the console). While that’s going on I’m going to listen to Bruce Springsteen’s new album Magic approximately twenty more times. It’s spectacular.


  1. Niceee 🙂 Live is going to be fun this weekend. And I finally have a day off (x-tra happiness!) lol did your kids put you on zuma restriction???  😛

  2. The PGR4 thing sounds cool but I’ve got the UFC show on Saturday & then I have to work at 9am on Sunday morning 😦

  3. [quote]I might have some cool PGR4 stuff *cough*copiesofthegame*cough* in my office[/quote]Trixie- one question how can they do an all nighter on PGR4 if they haven’t got PGR4? and if they have got the game why would they want to win it? *confused*

  4. [quote]I might have some cool PGR4 stuff *cough*copiesofthegame*cough* in my office[/quote]Trixie- one question how can they do an all nighter on PGR4 if they haven’t got PGR4? and if they have got the game why would they want to win it? *confused*

  5. Ooh, let me know how CSI is. I love adventure games so I’m really interested in that one.

  6. Spend some time with PGR4, too, for Gamerscore.  I spent about 2 hours with it, had to be less than 10 races, and it gave me at least 100, maybe 150.
    And I agree about Bruce’s latest.  I can’t tell if it sounds so good because of the crap that was the last one, not to mention Devils and Dust or whatever it was.  Even the Rising didn’t hold up all that well, to me.  Magic feels like it’s going to have some staying power.

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