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Here I am in New York, back at the same hotel from June. Conveniently located yes, but no minibar.
Yesterday my flight was not so bueno. Exhibit A: 28 E. That’s back of the bus, middle seat. Exhibit B: Crying babies. Exhibit C: Lots o’ turbulence (not bad enough to inspire any Hail Mary’s, but not fun either). Exhibit D,E, and F. The bodybuilder in 28D had arms bigger than my head. He could barely lift a cup to his mouth. And his triceps extended about 4 inches into my airspace. He didn’t stink or sweat or anything, but I spent the flight trying to ensure that his muscles and my rack did not accidentally make contact. Not that I don’t like muscles, mind you. One of the TriXie Tests is: Can you curl me?  But my brief football player phase introduced me to some of the unpleasant side effects of steroids. So yeah. I did read the latest issue of Esquire though.
Uh, anyway flight could have been better. Video Monkey and I just ate breakfast (creepy old lady at the next table was watching me put 4 sugars in my coffee like I was a reality show. If she hadn’t been old, I would have told her to mind her business–but I guess that’s what she’s counting on. Begone with your staring eyes, and sugar judgement and stench of Bengay and the impending grave!) and are now about to head off to the Toys R Us store in Times Square, where we will capture all the action of Xbox 360 Family Fun Day. Radio Disney will be there, and we’ll be showing off the new Arcade console and kid-friendly games. If you work in the city, take a long lunch and come hang out! The action’s from 12 – 2pm!

4 thoughts on “Biting the Big Apple

  1. Scott says:

    Well, thank goodness you don’t have to cook anything…  😉

  2. James says:

    Muscles and racks.  That made my day, lol

  3. Bill says:

    lol, too bad your flight didnt go so smoothly, but have fun in nyc. I wish i could stop by, but it’s impossible for me to do so. have fun, and go on the ferris wheel (if you can) lol!!

  4. Rhys says:

    Nice blog.  I work in first party business development for MGS.  In fact, seeing your picture it strikes me that we were on the flight back together from TGS.  We few xbox bloggers need to support each other! Cheers

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