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Here’s what I was doing in New York this week

5 thoughts on “The New York Report

  1. Scratch says:

    I can’t wait for Scene It.  Cool interviews though.  My daughter is now a multi-platform gamer, migrating from the Wii she now plays Cars on the 360.  She’s only 6 but still has fun.  Glad to see Xbox mix it up a little with some adult things but also the more family oriented things.

  2. Bill says:

    Yaa!!! You rode the ferris wheel! Lol I love that thing I’ve been on it before 😛

  3. Richard says:

    Have fun Trixie!

  4. Bad says:

    You call that work?Wana trade jobs? 🙂

  5. John says:

    Does teh Trixie have Facebook?

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