TriXie’s Mailbag

Well, the arrival of Inside Xbox on Dec 4 has caused a great surge in the volume of trixiemail. I have received hundreds of really nice messages, a handful of super vile insults, and one marriage proposal. Many many people have questions, and I’d like to answer the most common ones. I guess that would make this a TriXie FAQ?
  • Anyone can join the Xbox All-Nighter; you don’t have to sign up. It starts at sundown on Dec 22 and ends at sunup on Dec 23.
  • No, I’d really rather not see a picture of that. Nor am I interested in interacting with it in any way.
  • If you want to play with the Frag Dolls, send me an email at Subject: Frag Doll Friday.
  • Yes, they are real.
  • GamerchiX is not like Frag Doll Friday. It’s a chance for girls to play together. That’s why we called it Ladies Night.
  • I’d love to mention your birthday on Inside Xbox, but I’ve already filmed next week’s segment. I need a couple week’s warning.
  • I’m not declining your Friend Request. My Friends List is completely full, so I don’t even get the requests.
  • Yeah, well, the camera adds a few pounds.
  • You can’t get demos and trailers for M-rated games because that would be advertising Mature titles to minors. And the ESRB would spank us.
  • No, Major Nelson is not my boyfriend. He is happily married to a very cool chick.
  • Wow that little emoticon looks exactly like breasts. How clever you are.
  • I love you too.


  1. That was actually very funny.  It took me about 2 minutes to get why trixiemail was funny, but I still laughed.  I’m such an idiot, thank God I can play it off well and even convince some people it’s just me trying to be cute.

  2. Elle, that is one of the more distubing things I’ve read today.  Thanks for that.  🙂
    Trixie, TELL me someone didn’t send you a picture of "that".
    Double-you Tee Eff, mate?
    And someone asked if they are real?  God, I’m ashamed that I know what the question was.  God damnit…
    Why the hell is my gender so god damned STUPID???
    *sits in a corner and cries*
    And why are so many of the morons on XBL?  Why, for the love of god, must I interact with these people in multiplayer???
    Can I have use of the BanHammer for like 2 days?  Please?  I’ll send you purses, shoes, and chocolate if you let me play Brute Squad.  Pretty please?
    WE love you trixie, and I must admit I’m rather smitten.  You look lovely.

  3. About the b-day thing..  it was really just a social experiment that the cool kids (Trixie and crew) did to see if they could make the geeky chick (me) popular.  It all started out as a dare to pick on the geeky chick. 
    They just need to be careful that it doesnt backfire on them and I don’t go all "Carrie" on them!  Mwahahahahahaha!
    p.s.  Thanks Trixie… seriously, dude, you are the bestest, coolest chick around! 🙂

  4. The fact that someone would waste their time asking you if you were really that fat and if they were real is terrible. I hope the office isn’t the same way. BTW you don’t look bad on inside xbox. But the Major Nelson one I expected, seems to always come up.

  5. Only one marriage proposal, whats wrong with people?The Inside Xbox over here in the UK pretty much sucks with no Trixie. Even The Major would be a good addition. But he hasn’t got the accent 🙂

  6. Quite an amusing blog you have written.
     No doubt it is true.
    It seems as though there are no questions to go with the answers … I guess I will have to figure them out myself.
     Ha ha ha.

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