TriXie finally at #1… drinks on me!

Here are the top 10 gamertags for the week:
1. trixie360 
2. Major Nelson 
4. Souljaboytellem 
6. DGgeoff 
7. GameSpotting 
8. Knuckles Dawson 
9. borocouncilman 
10. agent arenas 
Oh yeah, it feels great to finally make the top spot! I will NEVER let Major Nelson forget this. Tongue out YouStink2 is up six places from last week. Our friend e took a tumble clear down to #44. MO MOSS makes his first showing in the top ten, due to his recent gamer spotlight on, and DGgeoff dropped two spots to #8. Last week’s number 6, recent Spotlightee kp1990 was knocked down to #12.


  1. Yay! Congrats trixie! Now you can go rub it in Major’s face! :POn a side note, I beat e 😛 yay me!

  2. Trixie is on top.  As she should be…
    Way to go, TriXie…  Bet this gets mentioned in major’s next show…

  3. Great job TriXie! Although e did mention to check out your gamertag on Major Nelsons podcast…

  4. oooh i am a prediction master!!! kinda… the last time you posted this, I said that you beat e, and now all you have to do is beat Major. and looky here!!!! congrats trixie 😀

  5. Congrats, but didn’t Major requesting in his podcast that people look at your gamertag help?  🙂

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