At the Grammy’s

Wow it was an amazing day at the Gifting Lounge at the Grammy’s.  Me and the Video Monkey were hanging out watching the celebs play Rock Band. Here’s what happened:
  • Miley Cyrus came by and played drums. She said "That is SO FUN! I get this game? Holla!!"  Her mom was with her and they were both very sweet and gracious.
  • Dierks Bentley, who is nominated for 4 Grammy Awards in the Country music category was so unassuming and humble that you wouldn’t know he’s famous. He played guitar and I overheard him say "I’m all about the Halo 3." and "We have Guitar Hero on our tour bus." Dude loves his 360.
  • Brad Paisley cruised by and posed for pics with the tricked-out Xbox 360 guitar, but declined to join us for some rockage. Sad face.
  • Kelis didn’t bring any milkshakes, but she did rock the guitar on "Roxanne," and had a big grin on her face the whole time.
  • Heroes star Dania Ramirez was stunningly lovely and had a great time playing "Say It Ain’t So" on drums.
  • Nate Mendel, bassist from the Foo Fighters stopped by, but didn’t play. He’s got an Xbox 360 at home.
  • Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighter drummers did want to rock however, and I got to play with him! He played drums on "Roxanne". I played bass (on Easy), and John and Sean from Harmonix completed our band. Taylor played on Easy and failed out, but we saved him. Harmonix boyz say real drummer often fail on easy because ironically they’re too good.
  • Jason Bateman came by, and with some encouragement/nagging sat down at the drum kit and did a surprisingly good job on "Creep". He claims he hasn’t played video games since like 1982, but I don’t believe him. He was really funny and charming and gave us chocolate. I heart Jason Bateman.
  • The Plain White T’s, nominated for their song "Hey there Delilah" stopped by and played "Say It Ain’t So". They did an awesome job and were very cool.


  1. No lie!
    An Miley might actually manage to be that one child star we get every generation that actually turns out to be a decent, normal person…
    While he can’t be fully forgiven for "Achy Breaky Heart", it appears Billy Ray is doing something right with his kids…

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