words about words

  1. Major Nelson   
  2. trixie360              
  3. Souljaboytellem              
  4. YOUSTINK2        
  5. Notwen              
  6. DGgeoff              
  7. e            
  8. agent arenas     
  9. borocouncilman              
  10. GameSpotting

Other FOT’s in the top 100

15. PMS Kitty
17. kp1990
28. steve519
26. frankie
37. Knuckles Dawson
43. fourzerotwo
48. stepto
50 kiki kat
58. DirtyDiva
60. FEMmsWatts
66. Lady Smiley
67. Bear
76. Col Hartman
96. Koolaye



9 thoughts on “Top Gamertags for January 2008

  1. Scott says:

    Top spot was good while it lasted, eh Trixie?

  2. John says:

    I wonder where I am on the list…

  3. kLaUs says:

    you’ll always be first place in our hearts (:

  4. Kiki says:

    I think Trixie was really in the number one spot… she just felt sorry for Major N and let him have the top spot.  Gotta keep that ego stroked…

  5. Scott says:

    This leads one to question WHY Major Nelson got so sick…  The flu, or depression?
    You decide!!

  6. GreenLantern4 says:

    Yeah, but let’s not forget that Major cheats by having his gamer tag on his blog. Every time someone hits that main page, it is recorded as a hit for his gamer tag look-up.  🙂

  7. Bill says:

    #2’s not bad… Major cheats anway 😛

  8. Steve519 says:

    wow 28, cool stuff.
    Thanks trixie for passing this along.  And thanks for bumping up major to #1 and dropping you down to #2 (we all know who really was first but this way he is happy)

  9. Jason says:

    YOUSTINK2 ??    Want to go, Ant!
    O&A PARTY ROCK!!!!

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