Ghosts of GDC’s Past

Well it’s GDC time again and I can’t help but wonder (ooh did I just have a Carrie Bradshaw moment?) what sort of trouble I’ll get into this year. We have a GDC blog on, but my boss says I have to keep it clean. You want the real dirt? Here’s where you’ll find it. Here are some dirt highlights from the past three GDC’s:
2005 Microsoft Party
BTW the ‘coraltini’ and ‘fin and tonic’ at the Aqua party were good, but the ‘Dev Punch’ was better–tasted just like Kool Aid. And this morning, I feel like it was Jonestown Kool Aid. Oy.
2006 Sony Party
The partygoers? Besides a contingent of Xboxers doing recon there were boys, boys, boys. All of whom had to fly by and staredown into PMS Tart’s cleavage. Oh, and why am I awake right now? Some as*hole from Atari drunk text messaged me at 3:30am and I can’t get back to sleep!*
2007 Microsoft Party
Seriously, I totally love my job and there are great people, but how many hours can you be pinched, groped, and ogled before you get pissed off? The answer is three. The last straw was when a random dude from EA Canada stuck his tongue down my throat! My big Xbox bros Mark and Mark said they’d have him thrown out, but I don’t need that kinda trouble.
Anyway, off to San Francisco tomorrow morning with a plane full of dotcommers: Major Nelson, Video Monkey, piX3lmonkey, SoozyQ, and editer. Watch this space!
*I still less than three the Atari a-hole though his hole is no longer at Atari.


  1. sounds like some wild parties Trixie 🙂  EA guy sounds a bit obnoxious, hope it goes better for you this year 🙂

  2. Someone dare defiled Saint TriXie??
    Such is not allowed!!  BURN HIM!!!
    *cough*  Or not.  Your choice, really…  🙂

  3. Sounds like you and your crew know how to roll.  I’d be happy to offer free bodyguard services in return for an invite 😉
    Btw if you or anyone else is in need of some good Halo 3 games with some good sports swing by
    Thanks for all the great work!

  4. I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t go.  Oh well, we will have a huge P*N event during PAX this year.

  5. Hope GDC is treating you well and see you tomorrow night at the Girlie event!  Rock on sista!

  6. "All of whom had to fly by and staredown into PMS Tart’s cleavage."
    Ah yes…  My Gender…  Such class they display.  *rolls eyes*
    TriXie, ask Bats about how HER time at GDC is going.  And tell her i said "Sorry they are being morons"…

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