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I was a bad little blogger at GDC. I should have blogged things as they happened, and now it’s been a few days. So, here are some memorable um … moments from this year’s Game Developers Conference:

  • On the flight to San Francisco the kid sitting behind Major Nelson puked.
  • Too Human press reception: I hung out with Brian and Michael from Kotaku. They chuckled politely at my snarky comments until finally Brian said: "That’s enough out of you." I saw two famous TV game journalists. One I adore and the other I can’t stand. Why? Because he’s such an arrogant douchebag that he actually looks like he smells bad.
  • Went to the Keynote with kikikat who was also staying with me at the Marriott. We got along great and she stayed on her side of the bed.
  • Rode to the Meet n Eat at In n Out in a limo with Major Nelson, e, kiki, and PiX3LMonkey. Because that’s how the Major rolls.
  • Learned from some SFPD officers that you can actually be fined for cursing—as long as you offend four or more people. They wouldn’t write me a ticket, but one of San Francisco’s finest did offer to get me drunk and handcuff me… Are they allowed to do that?
  • I didn’t get into one of the parties because a certain marketing dude whose name rhymes with Romfarbi wouldn’t allow ‘press’ in there. But here’s what I heard: They threw a party and invited developers from other companies so they could try to poach them! Weak.
  • Hung out in the lobby bar at the Marriott where much Jack and Coke was imbibed. Got back to my room at 4am where Jack decided to reappear.
  • Thursday went to the Career Pavilion to make a video. Some companies refused to participate because they have to run everything through PR. LAME.
  • Women in Gaming event Thursday night: Take 12 pink-shirted GamerchiX and mix with a bunch of skinny unkempt dev dorks there for the free drinks. Shake gently.
  • XNA Party. It’s basically prom night for game developers. I got busted by a famous programmer with a famous artist’s hand on my tush. American McGee told me I’m a filthy beast, but I would like to report that his bellybutton is placed freakishly high on his torso. (Yes a bunch of us were comparing navels). I met James Silva (of Dishwasher fame) and his sister. His sis was put off gaming when an ex-boyfriend became a WoW addict, but I gave her my card and hopefully we can reintroduce her to the joys of gaming. I finally met my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss. I don’t THINK I said anything too stupid…
  • On the flight to Seattle the kid behind ME puked. I immediately sent Major a text message: "You’re not going to believe this… The kid behind me on the plane? Yeah." He wrote back "hahahahahahaha!" I blame him.

6 thoughts on “GDC bookended by barf

  1. Kiki says:

    We slept in the same bed and you still forgot there is a space between kiki and kat …. and ROFLROFLROFL about the flight back.  You forgot to mention CoC! And the Dirty Diva dance 🙂 🙂

  2. Ak47 says:

    CoC is a secret! Don’t blow our load too early!!!

  3. James says:

    I LOVE the pic with the cops, TriX!

  4. Bill says:

    Hahahahaha. First Maj, then you. That’s so funny 😉 I like the pictures trixie. Sounds like you had fun!! (minus the reappearance of Jack lol)

  5. Brandon says:

    Dirty Diva dance? Sara gets her own dance?

  6. Michael says:

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun, Trix.  I wish I could have come.  SF is my favorite city.  🙂  Glad to hear the cops were nice to you.  LOL

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