Hungover in Hannover

Yesterday I was not feeling so well. Friday night a bunch of us went out for some authentic German food….and much authentic German beer. Somehow we ended up in an Irish pub because Acey was adamant about singing karaoke. The karaoke dude hated Americans and turned off Acey’s mic. When I got back to the room I hurled my schnitzel–rather unpleasant.
The next morning we had a late start but managed to walk all over Hannover and film a TriXie’s Travels video for Inside Xbox. I’m wearing sunglasses because I’m well…hungover.
I don’t know what else to say. Check the pictures for a laugh.


  1. Delicious! German food is the best on the World… ok thats not fair i’m from germany.

  2. it’s schnitzel of course its authentic 😛 and very tastey 😀
    glad you enjoyed yourself Trixie 😀

  3. We were in Germany & went to an Irish Pub?  Shameful!  LOL   Sorry you tipped a few too many & had a hangover – at least it rhymes with where you’re at, huh?  😉 

  4. Funny picture on You and the husband (boyfriend)
    Wish You a lovely week my new friend
    hugs from ea

  5. Hung over tip!  I always take two Ibuprofin and wash it down with gatorade right after the "big scene" and then I usually pass out somewhere warm.  This almost always helps the following day, otherwise I get that "i’m never gonna drink again" feeling.  Funny how that never seems to pan out.  I know the Irish are known for drinking with Saint Patricks day but don’t under estimate the Germans they celebrate Oktoberfest with drinking for a month.

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