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This is way late, but I did a fair bit of traveling last month, and well… I forgot. Submitted for your perusal then, the Top 25 Gamertags for February 2008

  1. Major Nelson
  2. KORN Jonathan1
  3. trixie360
  4. GrammyGWF
  5. Souljaboytellem
  6. TJ Scoot
  7. borocouncilman
  8. Frankie
  9. Beberle2
  10. T2 is RIPPIN
  12. Slinkyart
  13. Yhslaw
  14. xxxmike walxxx
  15. SUFOOR
  16. StrongSide
  17. agent arenas
  18. sskitzzo
  19. burnieburns
  20. DGgeoff
  21. GameSpotting
  22. JonnyOThan
  23. BurnoutGWFHeidi
  24. lil poison
  25. Stumbleweed85

Other FOTs in the Top 100:

30. Knuckles Dawson
34. Fourzerotwo
60. FEM MsWatts
62. PMS Kitty
66. kiki kat
74. e
95. ske7ch



16 thoughts on “Top Gamertags for February

  1. Kiki says:

    ::snickers at e falling below her::    How’s it going hanging out with the masses, e??

  2. Bill says:

    Wow e went from the top 5 to 75…. :0

  3. human being says:


    What are you and your friends doing to care for human kind?

  4. John says:

    Woah, what happened to e?

  5. Daylon says:

    i demand a recount lol 🙂

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