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Have you seen those Turn 10 jackasses mocking you and taunting you on Inside Xbox? They are confident they can smoke you in Forza Motorsport 2 this Friday. Are you gonna take that from these jokers? If you have any pride you MUST lay some smack on these uppity developers. Here are their gamertags.
chespace T10
Turn10 El Guapo
Fire at will. The fun begins at 5pm PT/8pm ET this Friday, March 21.

2 thoughts on “Teach Turn 10 a Lesson

  1. Delete says:

    Boy, do I have a world to discover. I only saw my first X-box a week ago when my youngest daughter’s boyfriend brought it over. He left here, and I occassionally glance over at it as I walk through the family room, as if its a piece of unstable nuclear weaponry to ready to go off.
    Maybe, just maybe, I will stealth near it this Friday evening, and see what happens.

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