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Yesterday I took both monkeys (Video and PiX3L) to Bellevue to shoot a Developer Spotlight on Hidden Path Entertainment. I’ve known their CEO Jeff Pobst since we worked together at Sierra On-Line. I remember he wanted me to come up with a title for a sequel game and after about 7 rounds of 50 suggestions each round I told him "Look dude, I’m working with the same 26 letters you are. I don’t have access to secret language. You GOTTA pick one of these!"
Anyway, Jeff and some of his buddies (that I know from their Xbox days) started their own game studio: Hidden Path Entertainment. They’re the dudes that made Culture (one of the XNA Community Arcade titles) and the upcoming Wits and Wagers. I played W&W yesterday and it is FUN.
The superbonus was that Jeff, Mark, Michael and Dave gave me two boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
Check out Hidden Path, and look for an upcoming Developer Spotlight on Inside Xbox.

One thought on “I found the Hidden Path!

  1. Scott says:

    Cookies?  So they bribed you, is what you’re telling us…  🙂

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