Trixie’s LIVE mailbag

10 thoughts on “Trixie’s LIVE mailbag

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  1. Nice, TriXie.  🙂  You tell ’em (Damn McCain supporter!)  I agree you have every right to express your views, just like anyone else on Live. 
    Obama, Obama, Obama!
    No white house for old men! 

  2. hey trixie :-)greetings from germany!!!! don´t let some stupid s***faces get you down about your political preferences!since our "boss" in germany wears garters i think mister obama would be the better choice!keep up the good work and don´t stop contributing to your site!!greetz marcus:-)

  3. Haha that was pretty funny! Wow those kind of people must have a lot of time to message you and cry about your gamerpic. Your video message made my day 🙂

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