Welcome New Ambassadors – Now Chill Out!

16 thoughts on “Welcome New Ambassadors – Now Chill Out!

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  1. Wow – salt mines ftl. Hope you’re well Trix, don’t let these pesky Padawans push you around too much…And don’t be a dick! lol

  2. Stupid Question.  Should those that have been picked been notified yet? (Starting to sweat)?
    Ok, I’ll slide back on out of here now.
    Thanks for your time Trixie

    Chief CrazyBare

  3. hahhaa… congratulations to the new ambassadors… please dont be a dick." these vids are awesome trixie. you should keep at ’em.

  4. Congrats to all the new Ambassadors, and thanks for setting all this up Trixie, but wow… some were are already compaining, great start..

  5. For a company that creates some of the biggest and most used software in the world they should be ashamed of themselves for creating such a shitty tool, I mean even if they can’t fix the load times and stuff they should at least let you add all the names in at once and let it run in the background overnight…..

  6. Unbelievable. Members are given the chance to represent the Xbox Community and they have the audacity to complain because their badge could not come fast enough. Tsk tsk tsk. Great ending for the video TriXie, maybe it should be adopted as one of the requires for being an Ambassador. Ha ha ha.

  7. Wow – Quite surprised that you can’t just upload a spreadsheet of names – or give it to a DBA to do a mass upload. I hate having to do this kind of stuff too! Heheheh
    ANYwho – Thanks for all the hard work!

  8. Trixie you have yet to add me! You must get tons of people asking, but I did send an email to you asking to be one. Please read it and add me if you think I would make a great candidate! Regards,Major Mulford -GT

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