Speaking of Gears of War…

Y’know what really grinds my gears? No? Herewith: a list of this week’s top ten.
  1. Having to write stinkmail first thing in the morning. Stinkmail = an email that enlarges the rectum of the recipient. Usually their boss is cc’d.
  2. People who send me disgusting messages on Xbox LIVE.
  3. Dudes who send me photos of their boybits.
  4. People who message me expecting my immediate help on the weekend. It’s a JOB, guys. Don’t you get days off?
  5. Racists who feel the need to diss my Obama gamer picture.
  6. Would-be Facebook friends who include no message and with whom I have no friends in common. Ignore!
  7. Having to hear about which girls don’t like which other girls. From ADULTS. Leave me out of your drama ladies.
  8. Work associates who feel the need to pick apart others’ work while producing sub-par, stale shit themselves.
  9. The old-boy network. Oh yes, it’s alive and well. People give cool opportunities to those who kiss their ass/drink beer with them. Even if those people are morons.
  10. Chicks who sleep their way to success (and the guys who are just as guilty). You know who you are. In fact EVERYONE KNOWS.


  1. Bad day for Trixie? 😦 I dont think I put a proper message on facebook for you, but think I had e and the major in list, keep meaning to comment on your status, then think again expecting people who actually know you to comment lol.  So sorry for that.
    I still hope Obama gets in, think it will do wonders for America in the wider world.

  2. lol. trixie… you get major kudos from me b/c of all the crap you put up with on a daily basis….and this is only the top TEN?! wow… i must say you handle all the stress gracefully!!

  3. Any pointers on sleeping my way to the top? It appears you’ve at least witnessed it enough to know some details on how it’s done. It sounds both enjoyable and rewarding, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Trix!

  4. That’s the one part of your job I don’t envy – all the crud you have to put up with from stupid or just annoying people.  I don’t know how you even find time to keep up with updating your facebook page (I don’t!  lol).

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