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Hey, it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month! And if you don’t have boobs, your mom does. EA Sports and GamerchiX are teaming up to blitz breast cancer this Sunday. Join us for some Madden NFL 09 for some lolz and to support a good cause. If you can’t join in the fun, download the Blitz Breast Cancer gamer picture on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. It’s FREE. So fly your pink ribbon for all to see.
More details on Blitz Breast Cancer!
36-24-36 HIKE!
PS don’t miss the BBC video. It’s pretty amusing.

5 thoughts on “Blitz Breast Cancer this Sunday

  1. Jay says:

    Great video, it’s a must see.  I just sent a note to E to give him kudos on his cameo.  Nice to see that you have him so well trained Trixie. 
    He has a cute dog too 🙂
    Yay boobies!  Support Blitz Breast Cancer!!

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