2008 saran wrap-up

Yeah I’m late. Sorry. 😦 I was out of the office for two weeks so I’m frantically trying to to get caught up on work… Just moments ago I did a ‘boob check’ on the Valentines Day art while eating Jambalaya. Boob check? Making sure the designers don’t get too carried away rack-wise. My instructions: ‘human sized, no nipple’
Anyway, 2008 has brought many things including a new president and an economic –uh, downturn. Here are my 2008 highlights, gaming and otherwise.
  • Broke 5,000 Gamerscore. Yeah, shutup.
  • Travelled the world, spreading the gospel of Xbox LIVE. Favorite trip: Paris!
  • Saw Xbox LIVE hit 17 million members!!
  • Married TriXies Marine in Maui, Hawaii!
  • Saw GamerchiX surpass 8,500 members. Now THAT’s a lot of boobs.
  • Was interviewed by X-Play, The Washington Post, and MSNBC.
  • Had a weekly show on Inside Xbox. Funny story: People sometimes ask me if I get ‘recognized’ as trixie360. I usually say "well, yes at gaming events like PAX or E3, but not at the grocery store." Well since my mug has been broadcast on the Xbox LIVE Dashboard, I have been recognized on the streets of Manhattan, at a Dodgers game in LA, by airport security in Honolulu, and yes, at my grocery store. My kids get a kick out of it, but it’s still weird to me!
  • Worked with my amazing team: KP, meggigirl and kiki kat on Community goodness.
  • Created new Community programs on Xbox LIVE: Play the Pros (RIP to the CGS), Community Playdate, Music Monday, and Arcade Afternoon.
  • Posted 10,000 Twitter updates.

Lots of other stuff. Thanks for hanging with me here in 2008. Can’t wait to see what 2009 brings! Happy New Year everyone.



  1. I find that women have a hard time of hiding nipple excitement , as such a man has trouble hiding penile excitement in garments.Good luck with what you do and try to think out of the box this year. Happy New Year and all that JAZZ to you and your friends!

  2. 10,000 twitter updates! Sheesh.. I am surprised you have time to speak words outloud! 🙂

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