Inside Xbox 1 Year Later…

So some of you may have noticed that last week (Dec 4) was the one year anniversary of Inside Xbox. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year, but it’s also hard to believe we survived! It was basically like being given a new job (on top of the old one). Producing a weekly video –even if the video runs 2 minutes–is a lot of work and is a team effort.  Here’s an overview of what goes into making one episode of "Community Close-Up"
  1. My producer (Action Pak) and I brainstorm ideas for an episode.
  2. I write a script and send to Action Pak.
  3. Action Pak sends my script back with edits.
  4. I change it back.
  5. I set up a time and location for a shoot. PiX3L Monkey is our camera man/video editor.
  6. Action Pak, PiX3L and I shoot stand-up (I’m on camera) on location and voice-over in the studio. 
  7. Action Pak and myself get game footage, logos etc to PiX3L to be cut in with the stand-up.
  8. PiX3L does a rough edit and sends to me, Action and SoozyQ for review.
  9. PiX3L makes any necessary changes and recompresses the video.
  10. Final Review.
  11. Approval.
  12. Action Pak posts it on the Inside Xbox channel on Xbox LIVE.

And that’s just the regular weekly show. Video Monkey and I have been all over the world in the last 12 months covering events for Inside Xbox. Here are some of the places we’ve been:

Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Hanover, Cologne, San Francisco, Monterrey, and Phoenix covering Maddenbowl, GDC, the Grammys, The Imagine Cup, E3, World Cyber Games (European Championship, US Open, Pan-Am Championship, National Finals, & Grand Finals), E for All, Maddenpalooza, and PAX. I think I’ve racked up approximately 80,000 frequent flier miles.

Anyway, it’s a been a fun year and I’ve learned a lot. Hope you’ve enjoyed Inside Xbox almost as much as I have Smile 


  1. It’s a shame we don’t get to see much Trixie in the UK here but we’ve got a good bunch on IX who make some great and very funny stuff 🙂

  2. Your hard work is reflected in the quality videos you and your team produces. Thanks for all the great videos, and keep it up! 😀

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