words about words

As I clean up 8 1/2 years of stuff, I found this gem. It was created for me by a very talented 3D modeler…in fact he wrote the book on 3d modeling. Anyway… here’s a glimpse at the Trixie that never made it to

2 thoughts on “Super Secret Trixie in 3D!

  1. GlennZA says:

    Wow! Yes a gem indeed Trixie 😉

    Thank you for sharing the Trixie who sadly never made it to The 3D model looks great…

    8 1/2 years! My goodness… Plus saw your earlier tweet:

    “8.5 years at Xbox = 2,500 Word docs, 693 videos, and 8,248 photos”

  2. IISanitariumII says:

    Now that’s awesome. Your post came accross my feeds and I was like 3D Scooby Doo ears lol. Can’t believe you are leaving. Like I said may your journeys prosper.

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