Top Five Things I <3 About My New Job

I’ve been at my new job for one week. And in five short days I already have five things I love about it. Herewith…

  1. They were ready for me on my first day. If you’ve ever showed up for a new job to find that there’s no place for you to park your butt, they dig through the junkpile of old PCs and you have to load all the software yourself and probably wait a few days for an email account and access card, you know how frustrating it is. The message it sends is “we can’t be bothered with you.”  When I showed up for my first day on the job, there was a two-hour web conference orientation that was actually interesting. After that, the very sweet and capable HR rep took my to my desk where my new laptop and monitor were all set up and waiting for me. My email inbox was already active with 44 emails in the inbox. My phone was hooked up. I had an access card for the building, and my business cards and cellphone had already been ordered.  The message that I got from all this? “We made an effort to make it possible for you to jump in and start working. You are important to us.”  Win.
  2. Collaboration. Edelman presumably hired me for what I know and the value they hope I’ll bring. That’s pretty standard with any job. What is novel for me and so cool is that people SHARE their knowledge, and want me to share mine. There are online seminars for people to learn new skills. Emails are frequently circulated detailing industry news and best practices. Staff meetings and group conference calls are an opportunity for people to present success stories that everyone can leverage and build on. No one hoards knowledge in hopes that it makes them untouchable. Refreshing!
  3. Education. Besides the aforementioned seminars and presentations, employees are expected to keep up on current events and industry trends. To this point there is a room in the office overflowing with newspaper and magazines of all kinds. The purpose is to have a workforce that is knowledgeable about what’s going on in the business world, the news and pop culture. Clients win when their PR team knows what they’re talking about!
  4. A warm welcome. At some companies a new employee shows up and coworkers just start forwarding emails to them; maybe with a note “Joe Shmoe is handling this from now on”  Or they may introduce a new person in a meeting, but rarely with any context as to who they are, what they’ll be doing and most importantly WHY they are here and what they bring to the conversation. Edelman is the most welcoming place I’ve ever worked. Not only did my manager send out an email to everyone welcoming me to the company, it detailed what I’m working on and expressed enthusiasm for my experience and skills. She set me up for success because she introduced me as a valuable asset that will help the whole team succeed. I was also introduced in conference calls and staff meetings in the same awesome way: “This is Trixie, we’re excited she’s on our team and here’s why”. Other companies should take note.
  5. The little things that add up. A great location, a lovely office. I can see the Space Needle from my desk! The office is filled with smart creative people that have social skills and good hygiene. They make eye contact when they talk to you, bathe regularly, and wear clothes that make them look like adults. They have FUN! This first week there was an Ugly Holiday Sweater contest and a cube decorating contest. I spend the bulk of my day on Facebook and Twitter and don’t have to hide the screen from my boss–because it’s my JOB!

Overall, I had an amazing week, and am so SO happy with my new job!

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