The WordPress Post a Day Challenge. I’m all in.

I’m starting at a deficit of 16 days, but I hereby accept the challenge to blog every day for the rest of 2011!  As readers of Welcome to Trixieland, I hope you’ll help me meet this goal by liking and commenting and most of all holding me accountable. If it’s 11:30pm Pacific and you don’t see a post, feel free to kick my digital ass.

Conker's HR Violation

I’m probably going to post about my family, books, games, movies, funny mishaps, weird news and food. It’s unlikely I will post anything about Xbox, so if you know me from my Xbox LIVE years and don’t want to be bored to tears, it’s probably best if you stick with Major Nelson 🙂

Want to join me in the Challenge? Sign up here:

Let’s go blogging, let’s go! <clap clap>


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