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When my husband left on deployment 5 months ago, our daughter was only saying a dozen or so words. Since then she has added a vast amount of material to her vocabulary. She says Mama, Daddy, Sissy, Up, Go, Bus, Car, Tree, Nye-Nye, Poo-Poo and Baby with a proficiency that makes them easy to identify. The rest? I assure you that they are words in intent, but to the uninitiated (or a returning Marine) it sounds like a hot mess.

Herewith, the Allie Translator:

Chee = Kitty
Chi-chi = binky
Shees = shoe
Syock = sock
Bah-ee = Barney
Boo Coo = Blue’s Clues
Dodo = Dora the Explorer
Show = Baby Einstein
Baba = Brother
Skoo = School
Doh = I want to go through that door
Wawa = water
Seet = I’m hungry and I want to go in my ‘seat’ (high chair)
Box! = Xbox, turn on my DVD
Wee – I want to ride my rocking horse
Side = Outside
Baa = Bath
Kew = Clue (aka I see something that resembles a paw print)

The toughest ones to decipher are the many variations of the ‘chee’ sound. Does she want the kitty or a binky? It could be she wants her shoes, which means she wants to go out.

My son said ‘kong’ for phone and my older daughter said ‘meskit’ for music. Our family still uses those words.  Do your kids say weird stuff, and do they stay in the family long after the child has grown out of the word?

5 thoughts on “How to speak Allie

  1. Jam says:

    When Luke was little, he called the TV remote a marote. We still call it a marote from time to time. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Shes so cute Christa.

    My brother, Albert, could not say Lisa when he was younger, so he used to call me “watche” ? And so that was what my whole family used to call me. And some times still do.

  3. malfunct says:

    My son had a mild speech impediment so while we thought some of these things were cute early on and sort of used the words we ended up needing to cut them out of the vocabulary to give him clear examples of how to speak so he could model it.

    I don’t know what it says but most of the early words that he could say, and surprisingly soon after recognize as written words, were the names of the stores we shopped in. There were probably 20 stores, restaurants ect that he knew the name of by sound and by logo.

  4. Connie Phillips says:

    My nephew used to call his arm pit a “Pickit” we still call it that when we are talking to the kids.
    Bekah called a popsicle a “pockock”

  5. Maranda says:

    Toddler talk is cuteness! Haden said “clue clue” for Blue’s Clues, and I had a little smile seeing Allie’s “kew’.

    Penelope speaks surprising clearly, it’s really something. However lately she’s taken to sometimes saying “I want food” and she clearly wants something VERY specific and we have yet to figure out what it is. We bring her around the cupboards and fridge and it’s always “no no no!” and we all get very frustrated. I hope one day we figure it out!

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