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Wow, this is an amazing film. Natalie Portman is phenomenal. It’s disturbing yet believable. Very powerful. I still feel a little effed up from seeing it earlier today.

This is not a ballet movie, though the plot revolves around ballet any more than MacBeth is a play about Scotland and witches. It’s a film about ambition and success and the idea that true art is equal parts creation and destruction. About getting what you’ve always wanted and only having a brief moment of satisfaction and joy before you start being terrified to lose it.

The Odette/Odile duality is a classic case of Nice Guys Finish Last, and that if you want to come out on top you have to give into your darker impulses–your black swan.

Go see it in its full cinematic glory.

2 thoughts on “Black Swan

  1. I was planning on watching it with the wife. I was totally clueless as to what it was about. Still kind of skeptical. We’ll see though, what do got to lose right?

  2. Trina says:

    It frightened the shit out of me actually. First, I didn’t expect it to be so graphic, but secondly, I have seen that feeling amongst females. The constant idea of competition (which I’m sure is fierce in the ballet world), but not healthy competition that makes you strive for more, but an unhealthy sense of competition that makes you live in fear. Constant fear of replacement.

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