Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Sequel

Is your book a one-off, or the start of a series? Ask yourself these questions... 1)      Can your protagonist carry a series? Is he interesting and relatable enough to headline more stories? What do your reviews tell you about your main characters? 2)      Will book two take place immediately after book one with book three... Continue Reading →

Get Schooled for 99 cents!

Broke? Cheap? You've got enough money jingling in your pocket or collecting lint in your sofa cushions for what readers have called "a straight-up page turner" "a captivating thriller" and "a twisty-turney perfect murder mystery" To celebrate the imminent release of Pwned (Lexy Cooper #2), the first Lexy adventure, Schooled is on sale for just... Continue Reading →

My Day in Tech aka HOLY SHIT

My days are filled with technology that I've come to take for granted: my two bands of wireless internet, streaming movies on Netflix through my Xbox 360, taking video with my cellphone and instantly uploading to Facebook, YouTube or Tumblr. Yawn, I EXPECT that stuff. And if it isn't working, I am pissed off. Today... Continue Reading →

A Drinking Problem

No, I don't have one. Not drinking is my problem. Abstaining from alcohol or not being fully committed to gettin slizzard seems to be less socially acceptable than being a raging alcoholic.  Why is that? The last time I drank a lot of alcohol was three years ago about a month before I met my... Continue Reading →

There’s Nothing Awesome About Charlie Sheen

Besides the fact that he's batshit crazy and self-destructive, let's talk about the people he hurts. Namely, women. He 'accidentally' shot his ex-fiancee in the arm. He threatened his most recent wife with a knife to the throat. His fits of rage cause New York hookers to cower in closets. This guy is "awesome"?  Beating... Continue Reading →

Children’s Shows That Should Die in a Fire

Barney Children love this big purple dude inexplicably. Until they get to Kindergarten. Then they come home from school and solemnly announce that "Barney sucks." No shit. Not only is Barney a prancing dimwit, but the child actors are bottom of the barrel in looks and talent. I have personally endured more than my share... Continue Reading →

And the Oscar goes to…

I have no idea. I've only seen a couple of the nominated films. But, if perchance one day I am nominated for Best Original Screenplay? This is what I'm wearing: How many of you have planned an Oscar acceptance speech just in case one day you need one? Or at least considered who you would... Continue Reading →

Latest Obsessions

Kid 1 is all over this book, The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I don't know what it's about but he spent up to an hour at a time on the can over the weekend because he was reading this. As soon as he read the last page he said "I'm gonna read... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl: The Decision

I don't really care about either of the teams. For me the Super Bowl means one thing: the Chili Bowl hosted by my friend KP. Last year the wicked spicy variety was named "The Devil's Taint." Last year I rooted for the Saints because they deserved some goodness after Hurricane Katrina. Also my high school... Continue Reading →

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