words about words

My whole life, I have had a tendency to tell it like is. Not in a way meant to hurt anyone’s feelings — I’m down with the kind white lies regarding bad haircuts, fat pants and horrible boyfriends, but for the big stuff I’m all about honesty. Sometimes brutal.  This is a conversation that has occurred innumerable times over the past decade:

Trixie: *Vulgarity-filled rant*

Onlooker: Whoa! Tell us what you really think. Don’t hold back. har har.

This is not really working. The world is full of mendacity and the slinging of bullshit. Yeah! That’s a GREAT idea. I’m TOTALLY on board with that. And the bullshitters rack up success and respect as I look on thinking What. The. Fuck.

So. I am done with honesty.

Henceforth I shall spew happy crap, blow smoke up idiot ass, and smile like I mean it.

It shall be splendid indeed.


2 thoughts on “The Splendid Bullshit

  1. Daryl faught says:

    Well said Trixie, You and I are a lot alike in that way, I have noticed the same thing as you and Just like You I figured I am going to have to give in if I want to get anywhere in my career. Why is it that the bullshitters and fakers, weasels and whiners seem to get ahead, while the hard workers, the ones with original Ideas, the ones who tell the truth about things always get blown to the back of the class?

  2. Mike says:

    I’ve been a consultant – I thought blowing smoke up the ass was part of the job duties 🙂

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