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The internets are freaking out today because Taco Bell’s beef only contains 36% cowflesh. What’s the rest? Judging from the collective “OMG ew!” heard across the tubes, you’d think it was squid eyeballs, monkey nuts and boogers.  What’s really in that “Taco Meat Filling”?  Onion powder, tomato powder, salt, and *gasp* cocoa powder. The hell?

I am pondering:

A) Taco Bell’s “food” tastes like “ass”. Diners should be lucky it does not contain actual ass.

B) Gizmodo is worried about what’s in their food? As they lick the Cheeto dust off their fingers, scratch their balls and try to remember if they washed their hands after their mid-morning wank session?

C) If people really want to dive into the dirty details of the nasty shit all around and inside them, they should consider this:

That bad boy lives in your freakin’ EYELASHES. And it’s not even a bug, it’s a goddamn arachnid! That’s right boys and girls, an EYELASH SPIDER.  Sleep tight.

Splendidly yours,


4 thoughts on “What’s so scary about onion powder?

  1. Charlie says:

    HATE! Now I have to deal with the thought of an eye spider running around my face. Thanks!

  2. Doug says:

    Eh. Labeling laws are in place. Fraud is fraud. It’s a good thing when people are angry about a large corporation getting away with systematic illegal fraud. That’s a good thing to call out and put a stop to. The specific details are less important.

  3. Gronar says:

    So you’re telling me it’s 64% onion powder, tomato powder, salt, and cocoa? Bizarre. Doesn’t matter anyways, I’ve gone to cooking fresh and natural. And by natural I don’t mean vegan, I’m a member of PETA, people eating tasty animals! If meats murder, I’m a bona fide serial killer!

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