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I’m a first-gen Kindle owner and fan. I preordered the Kindle the day it was announced. My Kindle pre-dates my husband!  I loved it. I only ordered the second gen Kindle because as a Kindle owner I was at the front of the line. Amazon had ‘reserved’ one for me. Great marketing btw.

I bought my mom the third-gen Kindle for Christmas. I got her a cover to go with it, and considered this one.

The Great Gatsby is my favorite book. I named my first-born Scott after Mr. Fitzgerald, and if he’d been a girl, his name would have been Daisy. I loved this cover so much I almost regretted not having a K3. But I was devoted to my trusty K2.

And then disaster struck. I don’t know what happened–I probably stepped on it getting out of bed and avoiding piles of clean and folded yet not put away laundry–but the screen on my K2 was busted. I had to finish reading Moon Called on my iPad.

So, in a panic I ordered the K3. Got it. LOVE it. But then I needed a cover for it. I immediately went to the Kate Spade Great Gatsby cover that I’d bookmarked. But then I discovered that it was canvas instead of leather. It’s pretty expensive for something that’s not leather in my opinion.

I had a gorgeous Oberon Design cover for my K2. The dark green “World Tree” design. I adore Oberon and bought a black dragon iPad cover for the Gunny for Christmas. He loves it. So I headed over to Oberon and checked out the designs for K3 covers. This is the one I love.

It’s beautiful and it’s leather and I love the Hokusai Wave design. But, it does not have a built-in light. I have a couple of clip-on booklights that I have used with my dear, departed K2 and they’re kinda gimpy. The light works fine, the problem lies in securing it to the Kindle.

So I headed back to Amazon to check out some other options. The Amazon Kindle cover with built-in light was just what I was looking for. Leather. Rich colors. A built-in light that draws power from the Kindle itself. The steel blue appealed, and if it had a hint of green in it like a Tiffany gift box, I would have chosen it. I almost went with orange and finally settled on this hot pink baby here.

It’s fantastic. I wholeheartedly endorse it. And guess what? It was less expensive than the other two!

4 thoughts on “Kindle Cover: The Decision

  1. Robin says:

    I have that cover in Red and it’s my favorite thing ever. Looks amazing and smells good. I’ve also finally gotten the courage to bend the cover fully back and now it’s perfect 🙂 What have you been reading?

    1. trixie360 says:

      Isn’t it great?! I’ve been re-reading a bunch of old Ruth Rendell mysteries, and the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs I read the first two and now I’m on the third “Iron Kissed”. How about you?

      1. Robin says:

        I really dug the Hunger Games trilogy, but now I’ve put it down for a lot of inspirational non-fictions. Finally read The Last Lecture, working through Reality is Broken, The Man Who Lied to His Laptop and Theory of Fun. 🙂 Lots of game-related things, basically!

  2. Heather says:

    I’ve been drooling over those Oberson covers. I got a practical, cheap one, though, because I always take my K2 out of the cover to read (it’s lighter for one-handed reading). Love the pink. =)

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