words about words

A Marine (Andrew Tarin) on deployment with my husband has been making funny music videos for the past 8 months. The first was “Party in the USA” which unfortunately has been pulled down from YouTube. Last week some of the men and women from the VMM-266 or “Fighting Griffins” covered Britney Spears’ song “Hold it Against Me.”

GySgt Charter isn’t in this one, but Britney Spears saw it and tweeted about it.

Since then it’s been picked up by a lot of press including Huffington Post, USA Today, EW, Gawker, etc

Take a look and see what some of our brave fighting forces do to blow off steam in the desert. And peep the sweetass Ospreys in the background! What girl can resist tilt-rotor aircraft?

By the way, Brit-Brit. They’re Marines, NOT soldiers. 😛

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