Cancer Slayer: Post Script

Yesterday I had surgery to remove the medi-port that was installed a year ago ahead of chemo. Since then I've had six rounds of chemo, multiple echocardiograms, 11 infusions of Herceptin, a lumpectomy and lymphnode takey-outy, 30 sessions of radiation, a bone density test, I don't remember how many MRIs and blood tests and zillions... Continue Reading →

Care and Feeding of a Small Tyrant

Because I was cracking myself up writing this, I am sharing some excerpts from the three-page document I wrote for my mother on the Care and Feeding of Baby Trixie. Language "If she points at the freezer she wants a popsicle. “Arcle” means popsicle, but it also means bicycle and motorcycle. If she’s pointing at... Continue Reading →

My Day in Tech aka HOLY SHIT

My days are filled with technology that I've come to take for granted: my two bands of wireless internet, streaming movies on Netflix through my Xbox 360, taking video with my cellphone and instantly uploading to Facebook, YouTube or Tumblr. Yawn, I EXPECT that stuff. And if it isn't working, I am pissed off. Today... Continue Reading →

Friday Fun with Britney and the USMC

A Marine (Andrew Tarin) on deployment with my husband has been making funny music videos for the past 8 months. The first was "Party in the USA" which unfortunately has been pulled down from YouTube. Last week some of the men and women from the VMM-266 or "Fighting Griffins" covered Britney Spears' song “Hold it Against Me.”... Continue Reading →


Here's why my house is a disaster: There is always something more pressing than cleaning. For instance, this weekend I planned to get some major spring cleaning done (at least as much as the baby would allow), but then a project came in late Friday that has consumed my weekend. This is my job; I... Continue Reading →

The Lazy-ass Chef

Contrary to what you may hear, I DO cook. But to be clear, let's define the term "cook." If I take a food item that is frozen, chilled, or room temperature and apply heat, I have cooked it. So, any food I eat in a restaurant or purchase through a window in my car obviously... Continue Reading →


Carrying the baby off to bed tonight I turned to my older daughter on the sofa and said "Say nye-nye to sissy." The baby waves, says "bye" and blows kisses. "Say, I love you sis" "I lubbee sis" And the grinch's heart grew four sizes. Btw, I have a second blog over at OnSugar that... Continue Reading →

Gadgets of the Year

I'm a big fan of gadgets. In fact my whole family is pretty gadget-centric. My husband has his laptop, iPad, DSi XL, and Zune HD with him on deployment. Between my two teenagers, they have 2 Kindles, an iPhone 4, an iPad,2 Flip cameras, an iPod Touch, multiple Zunes, and 2 netbooks. The baby's got... Continue Reading →

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