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I mentioned in a previous post that I review each day’s writing on paper, making notes as I go and then making corrections the next day. This is great for small (1,000 word or so) chunks, but I’ve found a couple ways to review bigger chunks that are pretty cool:

For the iPad, there is Evernote. This allows me to drag and drop the latest version of my novel into Evernote on my PC and view it on my iPad. It’s cool –and the non-premium version is free– but the formatting is weird. See?

Evernote on iPad 2

The best thing–and thanks to my friend Kiki for teaching me about this–is Kindle Personal Documents. What this means is that I email a Word doc to myself at my email address (if you have a Kindle, you have one), and it shows up on my Kindle like a regular ebook!! Which is crazy awesome when you plan to publish via Kindle.  This way I can read my book the way it will someday look to actual readers (plus see where the formatting is fucked up.) Looks cool, huh?

Novel on Kindle using Kindle Personal Documents

Neither of these solutions (at least the free version of Evernote) allow me to  track or make changes, so I still rely on paper for that.  But it’s cool to see!

5 thoughts on “Reviewing the Novel – with gadgets!

  1. ejrunyon says:

    have you got a link to written instructions for this cool trick?

    1. trixie360 says:

      You know it’s really not easy to find. To send a doc to your Kindle you need to first know what your Kindle email address is. It’s usually a permutation of the email your Amazon account is connected to and Next, you need to put your hotmail or gmail or whatever you use email addy on the list of approved senders. Here’s what I did: Go to “Managing your Kindle” then “Personal Document Settings” then “Approved Personal Document Email List” and click “add a new approved email address”. I also had to connect to my home wi-fi to make this happen, it didn’t want to work with Whispernet. Once I got it set up it’s crazy easy. Just email your chapter or whatever to your kindle email address. Good luck!

      1. ejrunyon says:

        This is great. I saved all this off. Thanks for helping.

  2. grafitoliquido says:

    MMhhh… I’m just an amateur here, more to learn rather than to teach, however, here’s a little tip you might find useful. Try Write&Say from the App store. I did a little research trying to find a useful app now that I started writing again. I wrote, in paper, something that could end up being the prologue and the first words for Chapter 1. I installed Write&Say to my iPhone (yes, I do not own an iPad, so my iPhone must do for now) which would totally work in your iPad as well, and typed everything. Then, I clicked on an option called “say” and a kind of creepy computerized voice (which you get to choose) reads it back to me. That helps me get some idea on how the reader would perceive my words and helps me out in finding gaps, mistakes, mixed ideas, etc. so that I can review and edit afterwards.

    I know you’re a Pro, but you could end up finding some good use for the App as I just did.

    You’re making a fan out of me btw.

    Greetings from Mexico.

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