Promoted Facebook Posts – An Experiment

I decided to celebrate the new year by announcing the title, plot, and expected publication date for my next Lexy Cooper mystery. I created a Goodreads entry using a color study Brett Parson did for Schooled, and posted the link on my Lexy Cooper Facebook page. Once posted, I saw an option to promote the post for five bucks. Five bucks, huh? Okay, I’ll bite. Here’s what happened:




After a day or two, the post had reached 454 people, 389 of which I’d paid for with my five dollars. It had become the most popular post in the history of the page. How much had those 389 impressions cost me?






Look at that, I hadn’t even spent half the budget, but had reached a ton of people who wouldn’t otherwise have seen my post. Interesting. The promotion ended this morning. (Note, I didn’t specify audience, time-frame, or cost-per-anything.) So how did it do?





854 views, 758 of them paid.  Let’s see what sort of impact the post had…





Pretty good post likes, three new fans of the page, a handful of comments, and three people clicked through to the Goodreads page (and also added my upcoming book to their “To Read” list). Click-through rate is pretty abysmal, but as far as making people aware of book two’s existence, I’d call it a success. And I only spent $4.98!


  1. I’ve used this promote feature before on the A Match Made In Halo facebook page. I went with the $15 and the results were kind of insane, at least to me anyway. 25,960 people saw the post I promoted. Definitely seemed worth it.

  2. I use FB advertisement for work a lot. It works and it doesn’t. Post timings can get you there quite well, too. But then I’m sure you know that!

    Don’t promote posts within 2-4h of them being posted as else Facebook will make you pay for all the natural views it would have received in the mean time. Also statuses with images will always do better than those without.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the post. Haven’t tried this yet but I got lots of information here!

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