Billable Hours – A Writer’s Day

Okay, novelists don't really have billable hours. I worked in a PR agency for a brief, miserable period and keeping track of how much time I spent on every little thing was a massive pain in my ass. That 15 minute chunk of time when I was staring out the window watching pigeons have sex... Continue Reading →

Book Release Day: Fantasy vs Reality

When I was a very young writer I had visions of my future book release days that were elaborate and glamorous. Parties with New York literati. Long lines at bookstores. Jetting off on a book tour to exotic locations. I even used to practice what I'd say when David Letterman interviewed me about my wildly... Continue Reading →

Hate everything? Take a social media time out.

Look, Facebook annoys me sometimes too. And I once wrote a pretty bitchy post about the stuff that gets on my last nerve. But lately I'm seeing a lot of this on Facebook: You're pissed about Bitstrips. You're torqued about seeing the same meme over and over. Because how fucking dare people not be exactly... Continue Reading →

Promoted Facebook Posts – An Experiment

I decided to celebrate the new year by announcing the title, plot, and expected publication date for my next Lexy Cooper mystery. I created a Goodreads entry using a color study Brett Parson did for Schooled, and posted the link on my Lexy Cooper Facebook page. Once posted, I saw an option to promote the... Continue Reading →

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